ISMRM Benelux Chapter

Farewell lecture Prof. Dr. Arend Heerschap.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2021, 15.00h

After a very successful scientific career as a professor of Biomedical Magnetic Resonance, Prof. Dr. Arend Heerschap will retire on Thursday, September 2. Prof. Heerschap is well known within (and outside) the MRI community in the Benelux. In a career spanning 40 years, he has (co-)written nearly 400 scientific articles, and as a professor has already guided 44 PhD students to obtain their doctorate degree, as well as inspiring a large number of post-docs with good and wild ideas. During his farewell lecture entitled ‘Meer dan water…’ (More than water…’), Prof. Heerschap will once again shed light on his career, cite scientific successes, and illustrate the thriving future for non-invasive metabolic characterization of living tissues. The lecture will be held in the Dutch language and will take place at 15.00h in the academy hall of Radboud University, due to applicable restrictions only for invited guests. However, the farewell lecture can be followed live via the live stream

In vivo NMR course:

SEPTEMBER 6-10, 2021

The aim of this course is to introduce PhD students, post-docs, and other scientists in the principles of modern in vivo MR imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (MRS) as applied to living systems in biomedical and biological research. The course will consist of lectures by experts in the field, as well as theoretical and practical exercises and demonstrations.

Further information can be found here and registration via this link

Third International Conference on Imaging in
Neuromuscular Disease 2021

NOVEMBER 8-9 2021

This year’s International Conference on Imaging in Neuromuscular Disease will take place as a live online event. Each day of the conference will be comprised of lectures, debates, and poster pitches with awards. Further details about the programme can be found on the website.

Young researchers and trainees are encouraged to attend and participate. Abstracts will be featured as presentations prior to the live event on the conference app – where delegates will have the opportunity to post comments and questions – and the abstract pitches will be presented during the live event. The deadline for pitch abstracts is 1st September 2021. Further submission details can be found here.

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The Benelux Chapter of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) was founded in 2008. The aim of the Benelux chapter is to provide a platform for MRI scientists in the Benelux to discuss their research and to stimulate the application of MRI in the Benelux. To this end each year a scientific meeting is organised. The chapter also supports focus meetings on specific MR topics. Finally, the chapter organises social events to stimulate interactions between its members.