Event 1: Webinar and business meeting 2021

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the webinar!

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As a kick-off event, we offer you a one hour webinar that will be given by three key-note speakers:


  • Prof. Peter R. Luijten (UMC Utrecht)
    MRI & Treatment guidance, a renaissance in medical technology
    Whereas MRI has been established as one of the most important imaging modalities in diagnostic radiology, its potential for the real time guidance and monitoring for treatments is just emerging. MRI will transform the entire field of Radiotherapy, as well as drug targeting and immunotherapy.

  • Prof. Lennart Jans (Ghent University)
    Is there another route to my destination?
    Imaging research needs to focus on solving the unmet needs for our patients. DECT for detection of bone marrow oedema and boneMRI for depiction of bony lesions illustrate the importance of collaboration between doctors and imaging specialists.
  • Prof. Wiro Niessen (Erasmus MC)
    Steps towards responsible and successful introduction of AI into clinical practice.
    In this presentation I would like to highlight the potential of AI for precision medicine, and the challenges for the successful introduction of AI in clinical practice. I will also emphasize the need for a health data infrastructure, to support the development and validation of AI tools.


The second hour will be reserved for our yearly business meeting.
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