Board Members

  • President & Company Representative: Dennis Klomp; University Medical Center Utrecht / MR Coils, NL
  • Secretary: Eline Kooi; Maastricht University Medical Center, NL
  • Treasurer: Marinette van der Graaf; Radboud University Medical Center, NL
  • Annual Meeting Representative: Sophie Schmid; Leiden University Medical Center, NL
  • Clinical representative: Mies Korteweg; Reade, NL
  • Website coordinator: Ben Jeurissen; University of Antwerp, BE

Selection of new board members

The Board of the ISMRM Benelux consists of 4 to 6 people who are responsible for one or more of the following tasks: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Annual meeting representative, Website coordinator, Clinical representative and Company Representative. Board members fulfill their function for two to three years.  Interest in becoming a board member can be shown by contacting one of the board members or by indicating it on the registration form for the annual meetings.

Previous Board Members

  • Bram Coolen – Annual Meeting Representative 2017-2019; Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, NL
  • Marjan Acou – Clinical representative ?-2019; Ghent University Hospital, BE
  • Rik Moonen – Secretary 2016-2019; Maastricht University Medical Center, NL
  • Quinten Collier – Website coordinator 2016-2018; University of Antwerp, BE
  • Martijn Froeling – Treasurer 2015-2018; University Medical Center Utrecht, NL
  • Aart Nederveen – president 2014-2017; Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, NL
  • Lisbeth van Ruijssevelt – Annual Meeting Representative 2014-2017; University of Antwerp, BE
  • Maarten Naeyaert – Website coordinator 2014-2016; University of Antwerp, BE
  • Kim van de Ven – Secretary 2014-2016; Philips Healthcare, NL
  • Christine Nabuurs – Treasurer 2012-2015; Philips Healthcare, NL 
  • Stefan Sunaert – president 2012-2014; University of Leuven, BE
  • Christiaan Bigot – annual meeting representative, 2013-2014;  University of Antwerp, BE
  • Abdallah Motaal – website coordinator 2012-2014; University of Technology Eindhoven, NL 
  • Lisette Deddens – annual meeting representative 2012-2013, treasurer 2010-2012; Utrecht University, NL
  • Gustav Strijkers – president 2010-2012; Biomedical NMR, TU Eindhoven, NL
  • Wim van Hecke – secretary 2010-2012; University of Antwerp, BE
  • Maaike Momans – treasurer 2011-2012, annual meeting representative 2010-2011; UMC Utrecht, NL 
  • Pieter Buur – treasurer 2010-2011, secretary 2008-2010; Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging, NL
  • Pim Pullens – website coordinator 2008-2011; Maastricht Brain Imaging Center, NL
  • Matthijs van Osch – president 2008-2010; LUMC Leiden, NL
  • Rik Achten – treasurer 2008-2010; University Hospital Ghent, BE
  • Thiele Kobus – website coordinator 2010-2012; UMC St Radboud, NL,