Event 3: From first abstract to being a PI

Friday 26th March 16.00 – 17.45 h

This event has passed

How did our PIs go from submitting an abstract to ISMRM to  being established researchers? Our senior members show us the way they did it including tips, tricks, lessons learned, and personal anecdotes. 

We hereby invite our PIs who have sent an abstract to a scientific conference before 2010 to show our early career scientists how to grow and move forward in science. If you want to share your experience and inspire early career scientists, submit your availability before January 11th. You will be requested to upload the title of your original abstract submitted before 2010 and provide a little description of your talk. Optionally, you can choose to submit a file with your original abstract. This will be included in the Abstract Proceedings Book. The exact time allocated for each talk will be communicated to you based on the number of submissions.

Everyone is welcome to join this unique event. We will inform you when the registration will be open. Details on the presenters and topics of their presentations will be shared with you in due time.


Dr. Nico van den Berg (University Medical Centre Utrecht)
Abstract Title: How I stumbled upon MRI

Dr. Hermien Kan (Leiden University Medical Center)
Abstract Title: Informal mentoring – helping out

Dr. Edwin Oei (Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam)
Abstract Title: MRI of the Menisci and Cruciate Ligaments: A Meta-analysis

Dr. Vera Schrauwen-Hinderling (Maastricht University Medical Center) 
Abstract Title: Reproducibility of IMCL measurements

Dr. Thijs van Osch (Leiden University Medical Center)
Abstract Title: Complex Analysis of the Arterial Input Function

Dr. Rik Achten (Ghent University)
Abstract Title: Clinical MRI, a brief personal history