MR SOLUTIONS GROUP develops and manufactures innovative imaging solutions for the research industry. The company offers a large range of products for MR, CT, PET and SPECT. All scanners are interchangeable between each other for multi-modality imaging.

The company is the worldwide leader in high-field cryogen-free MR based on its proprietary dry magnet technology. The MRS*DRYMAG product line delivers MR up to 9.4T and a bore size up to 42 cm. Advanced coils and software tools for pulse sequence programming are also available.

The magnet technology has exclusive features such as rotating the system to 90° and the ability to ramp the field of the magnet up and down within minutes. Helium lines and shielded rooms are not required which keeps the installation costs extremely low. 

PET/MR imaging is possible up to 9.4T simultaneously. PET and SPECT scanners are dissociable within a few minutes from the MR and can be plugged straight onto the CT. This avoids the need for numerous scanners and large rooms. Four models of PET/CT’s and CT’s are available: a Benchtop, two high resolution models and a very large bore for 12 kg animals. 

MR SOLUTIONS can refurbish and enhance all components from any MR system. MR Solutions also manufactures compatible gradients.

MR Solutions holds the prestigious Queen’s awards 2019, 2017 & 2016, the innovation award from the Institute of Physics and is the winner in the global R&D 100 awards. 

MR Solutions has offices and support staff all across the world.