You can download the complete program here.
Please note that this program is still subject to changes.

Program Summary:

9:00h                     Registration and Coffee

9:30h                     Welcome

9:45h                     Plenary Talk by Arend Heerschap :
_                                 ‘Some landmarks in the early penetration of
_                                  MR in the Benelux’

10:15h                   Power Poster presentations

11:00h                   Coffee Break    Sponsored by    MR_Solutions_Logo

11:30h                   Parallel Session 1 (until 12:20h)

12:30h                   Parallel Session 2: workshops
                               (more information can be found here)
_                                   NWO
_                                   Annual Members Meeting

13:00h                   Lunch (until 14h30)

13:30h                   Poster Session
                                    13:30 – 14:00h: odd numbered posters
_                                  14:00 – 14:30h: even numbered posters

14:30h                   Parallel Session 3
                                     MR Methods

16:00h                  Coffee Break    Sponsored by   logo_gehealthcare_2017

16:30h                  Parallel Session 4 (until 17:10h)

17:15h                  Parallel Session 5
                                   RF Engineering

18:00h                  Award Ceremony

18:15h                  Reception

19:00h                  Walking Dinner (Registration Required)