Because of its success last year, some of our Gold Sponsors and the STW/NWO are offering informative workshops on various topics. This workshop session will take place before lunch so participants have ample time to discuss with the presenters afterwards. The annual members meeting of our chapter, which is open to all participants of the meeting, will also be held at this time.


Bruker: “High resolution PET insert for high field preclinical MRI: comparison between single and three rings systems using 7T field strength”

Based on the newly designed single ring PET insert using monolythic crystals, we extended the device to 3 rings providing an axial field of view of 14.4 cm. We hereby provide the comparison of the 2 systems in terms of sensitivity, resolution, and image quality. From our first evaluation, we concluded that sub-milimeter spatial resolution, combined with accurate photon DOI determination, make it possible to return high resolution reconstructed images. Several applications were already performed with the single ring PET insert to illustrate the benefit of combining simultaneously PET and MRI, using high field preclinical MRI system (Bruker Biospec, 7T).


Philips: “Philips MR Research tools”

The workshop gives an overview of available MR research tools that Philips offers to its users like: PPE, RECON2.0 and PRIDE2.0.


Scannexus: “How to Make Complicated Seem Easy: 9.4T MRI for the non-expert user”

Cutting edge MRI equipment, such as the Maastricht 9.4 T system, can be extremely complex to operate. Additional transmit channels, extra safety checks, and other differences to clinical MRI systems create workflows that can be daunting to the non-expert user. In order to increase the accessibility of the 9.4 T to the general research community, a combination of automation and reorganization has been used to greatly simplify these procedures. We will describe how we have been able to do this, with examples of the high quality images that result.

STW / NWO: “How to get money?”

Writing a grant application is a difficult task. In this workshop we will explain what to expect in an application procedure, especially the NWO Veni-round. What are the important parts of your proposal, how does a committee member or reviewer look at your application and what are do’s and don’ts?


Annual Members Meeting of the ISMRM Benelux Chapter

In parallel with the sponsored workshops, the board of the ISMRM Benelux will host the annual members meeting of the ISMRM Benelux Chapter. During this year’s meeting we will again discuss the current status of the Chapter. The meeting is open to everyone and especially to those willing to participate in future activities of the chapter! More specifically, the agenda points comprise an evaluation of the present and previous annual meeting, a financial report and a discussion on future activities. You are welcome to present your own ideas to bring our chapter into fruition.