ISMRM Benelux Research Abroad Grant 2020

After two successful editions of the ISMRM Benelux Challenge, we once again invite all young researchers in our community to apply for the ISMRM Research Abroad Grant 2020 worth         3000 EUR.

The main aim of the Research Abroad Grant is to encourage young MR researchers to broaden their academic career and stimulate their scientific development, creativity and collaborations, by providing a grant early in their careers and to make novel research ideas possible.

Do not shy away from extraordinary ideas! We strongly encourage you to let your scientific imagination run free.

General prerequisites for the challenge

  • The applicant must currently be a PhD student or have finished his/her PhD no more than three years ago, as of January 1st 2020
  • The proposal must be submitted as a single PDF by email to before November 15th 2019, 23:59h.
  • The applicant should be available to present the proposal during the plenary session of the ISMRM Benelux 2020 meeting, which will take place on January 24th 2020 in Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • The proposed study must be completed before the date of the ISMRM Benelux 2021 meeting.
  • The applicant should be available to present completed results of the study at the ISMRM Benelux 2021 meeting.

General procedure

  • The submitted proposals will be reviewed by five independent reviewers from the ISMRM Benelux Community.
  • The applicants will be informed about the results of the review process in December.
  • The top 3 candidates will have to pitch their proposals at the plenary session of the ISMRM Benelux 2020 meeting.
  • The pitches of the top 3 candidates will be judged by an independent jury of 3 members of the ISMRM Benelux community.

The proposal should be filled in according to a predefined application form which you can find here: challenge template. Please carefully read the instructions, which you can find in the draft application form. It is very important you correctly fill in the application form according to the draft provided. If answers to questions are missing or the predefined structure is not followed, the application will not be reviewed.

The proposal contains the following parts:

1. Proposal (max 2 pages including tables/images)
1.1 What is your idea? (project description, research question, hypothesis etc.)
1.2 Why is your idea original?
1.3 What is the value of your idea to the ISMRM Benelux community?
1.4  Why do you need to do this research in the proposed host institution?

2. How are you going to perform your research? (max 1 page, including images)
2.1 Time schedule
2.2 Facilities needed
2.3 Budget

3. Personal details (max 1 page)
3.1 Personal details (Summary of your research experience, maximum 300 words)
3.2 Brief overview of current research (100 words)
3.3 Date that PhD was finished or estimated time of finishing PhD.

4. Attachments
4.1 An agreement with the employer confirming they can travel for their research at the given dates should their application be granted.
4.2 A letter of invitation from the host institution confirming they can host the researcher at the given dates should their application be granted.
4.3. One page Curriculum Vitae

Reviewers will score on:

  • Originality
  • Feasibility
  • Value for the ISMRM Benelux Community
  • Quality of the proposed project

Good luck to all applicants!

Your ISMRM Benelux committee 2020