Guidelines for presenters

You are assigned to a group with 3-5 other presenters and a 2 hours timeframe. We will provide the link to the Zoom call to all presenters and attendees of the session in due time.

In these sessions, we want to give presenters the opportunity to introduce and discuss their research with the people attending. We believe that the group of people present is small enough to be self-moderating, hopefully making it easier for everyone to ask questions. 

We would propose that at the start of the session all participants briefly tell who they are, what they do and what their interests are. Afterwards, one of the presenters can kick off with introducing their research based on the abstract they submitted.

The presentation style is flexible, you can decide how to discuss your topic. Just open the abstract you submitted or prepare slides (similar to a traditional ISMRM presentation), it is up to you. You don’t have to upload your presentation in advance. Just make sure you have it ready on your PC/laptop to present by sharing your screen.  

Aim to present at most 10 minutes. Questions can be asked at the end of a presentation or in between, this is up to the presenter and the group.We advise to keep the time in mind, about 20 minutes per topic/presentation.

In short:

  • Multiple virtual discussion sessions per day in small groups
  • 4-6 abstract presenters per session
  • Maximum 2 hours per session
  • Get to know each other and each other’s research!

Proposed time planning per session:

  • Short introduction round of all participants of each session
  • About 20 minutes per presenter:
    • 5 to 10 minutes introduction; (presentation or showing the abstract)
    • Remaining time: discussion.
  • Ask questions and engage!