PhD Position in Neuroscience @KU Leuven – Neuroplasticity in stroke

PhD Position in Neuroscience @KU Leuven – Neuroplasticity in stroke

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TITLE: Rewiring the brain: intensive upper limb training to boost neuroplasticity in stroke patients and healthy seniors

OBJECTIVES: To identify brain changes resulting from sensorimotor training in chronic stroke patients and healthy age-matched individuals, and providing critical novel information on the importance of adaptive brain changes for improved upper limb (sensori-)motor function.

IMPORTANCE: Understanding neuroplasticity through sensorimotor training is crucial. It reveals how the brain adapts post-injury and during rehabilitation, leading to improved methods and recovery outcomes for stroke patients. These insights help predict recovery potential and tailor treatments. For healthy aging individuals, this research highlights the brain’s capacity for growth, suggesting ways to enhance sensorimotor functions and improve quality of life.

METHODOLOGY: By applying various neuroimaging techniques (structural MRI, diffusion MRI, functional MRI) prior to and after sensorimotor training (making use of KINARM), we will obtain crucial information on training-induced neuroplasticity. In addition, with a particular focus on advanced diffusion (white matter) imaging, we will shed new light on the crucial link between white matter, brain function and motor behavior.

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