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Made the difference.

Introducing MAGNETOM Cima.X* – Siemens Healthineers’ strongest 3T MRI ever that provides deeper insights into the human body. It combines scientific advancement and high-end clinical care to make the difference. Driven by groundbreaking Gemini Gradients*, MAGNETOM Cima.X offers an unparalleled whole-body performance of 200 mT/m at 200 T/m/s combined with next-level image sharpness, speed, and ease-of-use.

MAGNETOM Cima.X leverages our deep learning image reconstruction technology Deep Resolve to offer sharper images faster. Its collaborative Open Recon** platform allows clinicians to seamlessly integrate their custom reconstruction algorithms into the clinical workflow to boost translational research.

Transform clinical care and commit to advancing cutting-edge research that translates into real value. Make the difference with MAGNETOM Cima.X.

* The product is still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be ensured.
** Open Recon is to add clinical reconstructions to the system, if signed and released for clinical use by Siemens Healthineers. Any other image reconstruction used, e.g., by researchers, is automatically labelled not for diagnostic use, which may require observation of national regulations.