Dear ISMRM Benelux community,

We keep traditions alive!

As our usual yearly party during the upcoming main ISMRM conference in August cannot take place as the conference will be held digitally, we will organize a free digital event instead.

Registration is closed.

Our ISMRM Benelux bar is full and all tables are occupied to not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The pub quiz will take place at the usual conference Wednesday, 12-08-2020, at 20:00h (CEST/UTC+2 hours) and will take around 1.5 – 2 hours. You will only need a computer/laptop and a smartphone per team to participate.

Our quiz platform of choice will be Although it is possible to join the quiz via a web browser, in case your browser closes, your connection and points will be lost. Therefore, we recommend using its smartphone app.

The quiz will also be streamed live on YouTube. The stream can be followed via

Special thanks to Pim van Ooij and Martijn Froeling, who will moderate this event!

Any questions? Please email

We hope to see you and your team on our digital pub quiz! 


The ISMRM Benelux board and committee


  • When: Wednesday, August 12, 20:00 – 22:00h
  • Location: Online – connect from your home, office, or somewhere else
  • Recommended team size: 5-10 people
  • Costs: Free


  1. Prepare your 2-3 devices needed for the Pub Quiz in advance
    1. One smartphone, so that you can participate in the quiz [DEVICE Answer] (by the team leader or someone who submits the answers)
    2. One or more laptops or TVs so that you can see us [DEVICES Broadcast]. That device will be used as a screen to see the moderators and questions (This can be the same laptop as from “DEVICE C” but we advise you to use multiple devices)
    3. One laptop / or smartphone so we can see you [DEVICE Camera]. That device must have a camera and will be used for a Zoom call (Only one device/camera is allowed per team)
    4. Please make sure those devices are fully charged or have a sufficient power supply during the Pub Quiz
  2. Download the Kahoot! app on your smartphone [DEVICE A]
    • You can find information under or just search the App Store of your choice.
    • We know that Kahoot! can be used via your browser of choice, but in case you close your browser or Quiz tab, then your points will be lost. If you use the app, that will not happen. Therefore, we advise using Kahoot! app to join our Pub Quiz.
  3. Download Zoom app on your smartphone or laptop [DEVICE C]
    • You can find information under or just search the App Store of your choice.
  4. Stay tuned! – Check your mailbox and our website regularly for last-minute changes
  5. Wait until 1 hour before the Pub Quiz
  6. Final setup of your devices
    1. Connect DEVICE C to Zoom (link will be sent via email)
      1. Receive the Kahoot! ID 
    2. Connect DEVICE A to Kahoot!
    3. DEVICES B can connect via our YouTube live stream:
  7. Get your team some beers – Let’s get the Pub Quiz started!